Basic Service (parts not included) Price
Quote* No Charge

New Gas Log Install (includes one courtesy return visit after installation)

Service Call (Per Unit Serviced) $145.00

*Not sure what type of fireplace you have? Take a look at your roof, if the chimney you see above your roof line is brick, it is a true masonry chimney. If the chimney above your roof line is exposed pipe or has siding or a building material other than brick, it is probably a pipe chimney.

Initial Inspection/Sweeping*


Initial Chimney Inspection or Sweeping (Level 2)


*For new customers or chimneys that have not been serviced in 3 or more years.

For more information on what is included in an inspection/sweep, please see our FAQ page.

Inspection/Sweeping Fees - Annual Maintenance for repeat/existing customers or after initial Inspection/Sweeping Price

Inspection/Sweeping Pipe Chimney (Level 1)


Inspection/Sweeping Brick & Mortar Chimney (Level 1)


Inspection/Sweeping from Top (Level 1)


Inspection/Sweeping with Insert unlined (Level 1)

Additional Services Price

Chimney Service Add Bird Screen at inspection service call


Chimney Misc. Service Call


Camera Inspection


Chimney Brick Sealing

Travel outside 31 mile radius Price
Travel 31-55 miles from store Add $45.00
Travel 56-80 miles from store Add $70.00
Travel 81 – 105 miles from store Add $95.00