Chimney Service Price
Masonry Chimney (brick or stone with an open fireplace) $150.00
Pipe Chimney (Prefabricated firebox or freestanding stove with pipe above the roofline) $120.00
Masonry Chimney with Insert (Brick Chimney with a stove appliance inserted to the fireplace) $200.00
Dryer Vents $120.00
Other Service Calls including Gas Logs $120.00
Bird Screen Installation $50.00
Travel 31-55 miles from store $45.00
Travel 56-80 miles from store $70.00
Travel 81 – 105 miles from store $95.00

Quotes  - No Charge

Not sure what type of fireplace you have?  Take a look at your roof, if the chimney you see above your roof line is brick, it is a true masonry chimney.  If the chimney above your roof line is exposed pipe or has siding or a building material other than brick, it is probably a pipe chimney.